Guwahati, which was formerly known as Durjaya or Pragjyotishpura during the ancient ages, is currently the largest and most important city of whole northeastern India. Unless you are going to any of the sister state of Assam via aerial routes, you need to stop and go through Guwahati to reach in your destination. Hence, it is said perfectly, that Guwahati is the Gateway of Northeastern states of India.

During the ancient days, Guwahati was known as the city of eastern astrology or the city of eastern light. In fact, some people used to call Guwahati an impregnable city. From the books of history we come to know that Pala and Varmana kings were pretty powerful and influential during their reign. Guwahati is also known as the City of Temples. You can find some of the most important Hindu temples in this city, such are –

  • Kamakhya Temple
  • Umananda Temple
  • Navagraha Temple
  • Sukreshwar Temple
  • Basistha Lankeshwar Temple
  • Doul Govinda Temple
  • Dirgheshwari Temple
  • Ugro Tara Temple
  • Rudreswar Temple etc.

Dispur, the capital of Assam is located just outside the city of Guwahati. The city of Guwahati is well connected with all the major places India through train or flight routes. Guwahati has an international airport called LGB international airport. Geographically this city is situates at the foothills of Shillong Plateau and banks of the River Brahmaputra. The area of this city is expanding by the necessity of time and population. Two major bodies are responsible for the development and administration of this city, they are –

  • Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority
  • Guwahati Municipal Corporation.

The educational scene of this city is quite good. There are few good high schools. Moreover, the students here get opportunity to pursue both medical and engineering studies in affordable costs.